Auto cut off 12v battery charger circuit

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Auto cut off 12v battery charger
Auto cut off 12 volt battery charger circuit
12 volt battery charger with auto cut off
Auto cut off battery charger circuit
12 volt automatic battery charger
How to make 12v battery charger auto cut off
how to make auto cut off battery charger

In this video i'm showing you how to make a easy and simple Auto Cut Off Charger For 12 Volt Battery 8ah to 100ah.
There i have used few components including Relay & NPN Transistor.
Input voltage should be fixed at 14.5v
and when battery voltage will reach to 13.9 volts, circuit will automatically Cutoff the charging supply to battery and saves battery from over charging.
This circuit is designed to give beep sound also to indicate battery is fully charged.
You can see the bc547 is connected to one endof coil pin to switch relay & when it received enough current at base it will switch on relay. Usually we use preset to set cutoff voltage but here i have used fixed resistance.
10k connected to positive that provides current to 2.2k connected to base of bc547 to switch but to avoid early cutoff, i used 180+470 ohms to groud the current from 10 k Resistor and when voltage reaches to 13.9v there current also increases so 2.2k resistor finally receives some current to base of transistor, and relay turns on and Cut Off supply to battery.
If you increase resistance then (180+470 ohms) cutoff voltage will decrease.
If you decrease resistance then (180+470 ohms) Cutoff voltage will increase.

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