B-bender Guitar Lesson - Jump Start Your B-bender Leads!

B-bender guitar lesson packed full of bender licks designed to help you add more spice to your lead playing! The lesson not only shows how to play the intro leads but also walks viewers through my thought process on how I approached the solo as a whole. Note choices, bender patterns, building the solo from start to finish, etc.

**Link to Backing Track in Video**

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Current Equipment List for Videos:

B-Bender Guitar: 2012 Fender Am. Std. Telecaster - Stock Pups & Ash Body - Forrest Lee Jr. B-Bender

Humpday Twang Licks Guitar: 2014 Am. Std. Telecaster - Ash body - Bridge Pickup = Fender '58 model

White Telecaster: 1997 American Standard

2020 Gibson Les Paul Classic - Honeyburst

Strings: D'Addario EXL 120+ (High E switched to 10 gauge)

Amp: Dr. Z Z-28 Combo (2x10)

Pedal Board Chain: TC Elec. Polytune 3 (w/ buffer) - Keeley Compressor + - Xotic RC Booster V2 - LovePedal FuzzMaster 2000 - LovePedal Amp Eleven OD - MXR Carbon Copy Delay Mini - MXR Phase 95 - Keeley Hydra Tremolo/Reverb. (*TC Electronics Ditto Plus Looper Pedal for backing tracks)

Guitar Strap: "Comfort Strapp" Pro guitar long (38 to 45")

All Video & Audio recorded with iPhone SE. (and it shows...I know!)

Beer: Various
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