Baroni - AFK150 (Demo Video)

AFK 150 “Solid State-of-the-Art” Guitar Amplifier

The brand's new desktop amplifier is called AFK150 (150W rms Tube Guitar Amplifier).
The two-channel amplifier delivers tones ranging from classic British to Hi-Gain distortion. The video shows a couple of my suggestions for using the AFK150. The device delivers tones from crystal clear to heavily distorted. Perfect for rock, blues and even metal.

The equipment I used for the video:

ESP EII - Stream (EMG 57/66)
00:00 - 01:41

ESP - Stream Baritone (SD Black Winter)
Alvarez - AAT34 (Duncan Designed)
01:42 - 03:20

ESP - Stream Baritone (SD Black Winter)
03:21 - 05:08

FoxGear - Anubi Ambient Box
FoxGear - Rainbow Reverb

Blackstar - Artisan 4x12

iCon - Cocoon

'The Baroni AFK150 is a true 150 W rms Guitar Hybrid Amplifier that boasts a dual Channel TUBE Preamp section, featuring a hi-voltage ECC81 tube that enriches sound, dynamics and harmonic content, adding warmth and a huge bottom-end response typical of real Tube Amplifiers. The CLEAN channel is designed to recreate the warmth and brilliance of Vintage Amps of “blackface” era, and it’s the perfect companion to your pedalboard. The DRIVE Channel, is designed after our award winning GURUS Doubledecker mkII preamp pedal, which recreates the classic sound of Vintage British stack amps, from edge to hi-gain distortion. Both channels have separate tone stacks. Separate Gain and Volume for each channels,plus Master Volume and master Presence complete the palette of colors available to create your perfect sound.'

EU distribution:

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