Bass Guitar Presets for HX Stomp: Vintage Fender Bassman

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I thought it was time to update the bass presets in my library and one of my favorite sounds is a P bass plugged into a Bassman. In the Helix, the bassman model is under the guitar amp category, but with a few workarounds you can get it to work well with a bass guitar. Here's my take at it, along with a few extras (spring reverb, tremolo, compression, optional EQ and overdrive adjustments, etc.). Let me know what you'd like to see next!

If you'd like, you may pick up my bass preset library, which includes the preset shown in this video and 17 other presets at this link - . Separate presets are made for basses with roundwound and flatwound strings to achieve the optimal tone. All presets are compatible with the HX Stomp & XL.

Or if you'd like the Complete Preset Library, you may find that here - . The Complete Preset Library features 85+ presets built for bass guitar, electric guitar (separate single coil and humbucker presets), acoustic guitar, violin, and special effects patches. It also includes 20 custom Impulse Responses. I'm constantly making updates to this library and your purchase is good for all future updates.

▶️ *Highlights*
0:00 - Introduction
1:12 - Overview
2:00 - Always on Compressor
2:31 - Footswitch 1: Thicker-izer
3:05 - Footswitch 2: Overdrive
3:37 - Why I'm using footswitch mode
4:27 - Footswitch 3: Vibrato & Tape Saturation
5:01 - Footswitch 4 & 5: Tremolo & Reverb
6:37 - New Bass Presets

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