Bass Ukulele, Bass Guitar Or Double Bass. Can You Tell The difference?

Bass Ukulele, Bass Guitar Or Double Bass. Can You Tell The difference?

MASSIVE comparison of bass sounds - bass guitars, u-bass and bass ukuleles and even an electric double bassl

Sound demos of bass ukueles, electro acoustic and solid body bass ukes, bass guitars, fretted and fretless and even a double bass. All played to compare the different sounds.

Many ukulele players play bass ukulele and many bass guitarists also play bass uke. As a double bassist I've always tried to emulate the upright bass sound.

Bass ukulele, bass guitar and double bass compared:

00:00 Bass ukulele introduction
01:48 A look at the instruments - double bass, bass ukuleles and bass guitars
04:46 Riff one demos
07:34 Riff two demos
10:06 Riff three demos
13:12 Bass sounds overview - could you tell the difference?

Ukuleles and equipment featured in this video:
Warwick CCL Bass Amp
Kala California U-Bass Nik West sig model
No brand cheap bass ukulele from Ebay
Kala U-Bass - SMHG FL Fretless Bass Uke
Horse Electro-Acoustic Sapele Bass Ukulele
Bridge Cetus Electric Double Bass
Warwick Custom Shop Fretless Ovangkol Corvette $$ Bass Guitar
Warwick Limited Edition Zebrano Corvette $$ Bass Guitar
Warwick Corvette Standard Fretless
Daisy Rock Short Scale Bass Guitar

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