Battery Charger | बहुत काम का है यह 12V Charger | Battery Charger Kaise Banaye, Make 12 Volt Charger

Hello friends aaj hum jis project per kam krenge vohoga ek 12 volt 5 amper battery charger or 12v dc power supply Is 12v charger me battery. Is charger se aap 12v battery ghar par charge kar sakte ho yeh charger 50 amp tak ki battery charge kar sakta hai. So more information watch video till the end. Thank you so much..

Amazon Purchase Link :-

Power Bank Module :-

12 volt white led strip.

12 volt led driver.

4440 ic amplifier kit.

Inverter kit.

Music Led Bulb.

Led Panel.

4 Volt Battery

Diode, resister, captr Combo.

Amplifier, Bluetooth, Charging Module.

Bluetooth Module.

3 Watt Speaker.

Amplifier Module.

12 volt female port.

15 Watt for Deep Bass Home Theater.

Glue Gun 40W With 8 Sticks.

Soldering iron kit with cutter and wire.

Power Adapter 12V 1Amp 1 Year Warranty .

Cutting sheet Full Size.

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