BattleScars Del Mar Beach Guitar Jam Positive Grid Spark Amp Pit Driver Amp Mod Stonewall Pickups

Del Mar Beach Camp Pendleton Electric Guitar Instrumental Jam Session

BattleScars - PitDriver Kouc52

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Equipment used:

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PositiveGrid Spark Amp With Pit Driver Amp Mod
Download the PitDriver Amp from the Spark Amp or Bias FX2 Tone Cloud
Spark Amp Link -

Tone cloud link -

Ibanez RGR Custom GodZilla Guitar By Kouc52 Gutairs

Stonewall Villain P90 Pickup.​

PitDriver Amp Sim is available on the Bias FX 2 tone cloud, get your free trial here.​

Tuned down one full step at 432hz
Stagg SDM 70 Mic
GoPro Hero 8 Black Camera at 4k

Thanks, Keep Rockin'!
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