Beekeeping | How To Feed Bees In The Fall 2:1 OR 1:1 Sugar Water?

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Beekeeping means we must feed our bees in the fall when flowers disappear. Many beekeepers are confused about feeding their bees in the fall. Feeding your bees 2:1 compared to 1:1 sugar water will create different results. Learn more in my beekeeping video so you can make sure your bees have a great chance at surviving the winter.

Beekeeping classes are so important because honey bees are facing so many challenges in today's environment. Beekeepers need to know their stuff to avoid losing their hives and their investment in beekeeping. IF you are serious about beekeeping then get serious and take my Ultimate ONLINE beekeeping course. Check it out here:

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Be careful not take too much honey from the hive. Be sure and watch this video:

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