Before and after Body Transformations are Misleading

Good Morning Everyone, It's Nick back on Awakendgainz here to help you break your limits by helping you to ask deeper questions. Before and after photos might be good for motivation but the truth is the pursuit of why and how these transformations are done will benefit you might more. Simply taking a "I did the new workout, or I took this new supplement" to do a body transformation is misleading. When I first started working out because I was fat they seemed like a clear-cut answer, but in reality before and after body transformations are misleading, because they are not you. Your genetic code might only be 3% different but that's millions of factors, that you have no clue about. I want this video to inspire you to look behind the curtain and take the knowledge for yourself to build your own routine to break your fitness limits!

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Video Timestamps
The motivation for this video 00:00
The three unseen transformation elements 01:55
Your training outlook 02:20
Biohacking is critical 05:30
Supplements alter the game 09:28
Closing remarks 10:10

Common Questions and Answers

What are the three areas most transformation pics don't tell you?
1 - The training outlook. Everyone needs to be realistic in what their goals are, you can have any goal you want but how are you going to reach it? If you set your goal and take the time to find the answers and try to understand that maybe you haven't asked the question properly, you will understand yourself and your body much more. Simply put did you want to deadlift 500 pounds and get six-pack abs all day or did someone put that thought in your head, what is the workout you actually want to do.

2 - Biohacking is critical. What if you could make anything in life easier, well then you would do it obviously. Playing a 100% speed run is cool for video games but it's your life at the end of the day. Take for instance red light therapy, it enhances muscle growth, enhances bone repair, strengthens skin, promotes collagen, even enhances hormone profiles in both men and women. That alone would make anyone's body transformation so much easier because its helping you go in the direction you want to go.

3 - Supplements change the game. Supplements enhance you at the end of the day. Be it a nootropic cognitive enhancer or an adaptogen for stress. They all create new variables that you need to know about. Every 1 % makes up 100% of how something is done, just like how every dollar counts everything that you can do to make things easier you're going to do if its financially reasonable.

All languages this is available in
German - Vorher-nachher-Körperumwandlungen sind irreführend
French - Avant et après les transformations corporelles sont trompeuses
Spanish - El antes y el después de las transformaciones corporales son engañosos
Portuguese - As transformações corporais antes e depois são enganosas
Italian - Prima e dopo le trasformazioni del corpo sono fuorvianti
Dutch - Voor en na lichaamstransformaties zijn misleidend
Polish - Transformacje ciała przed i po są mylące
Russian - Трансформации тела до и после вводят в заблуждение.
Japanese - 変身前と後の身体の変化は誤解を招く
Chinese - 变身前后都是误区
Hindi - बॉडी ट्रांसफॉर्मेशन के पहले और बाद में भ्रामक हैं
irish - Tá Claochluithe Coirp míthreorach roimh agus tar éis
Arabic - قبل وبعد تحولات الجسم مضللة

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