Behind the Deep Space Resonance by Vianney Halter

We are extremely pleased to share today with you one of these amazing timekeeping machine that you see only once in while, pushing the limits in every direction and expanding what is feasible in our fabulous world of watchmaking.

This timepiece uses the phenomenon of resonance to another crazy level, but listening in this video report to Vianney Halter you will understand his extremely pertinent take on it, how it came into being and the logical path taken in its development by him and his team.

It uses the same outfit as the Deep Space Tourbillon but this new movement is simply crazy and held in place by more than 40 pillars, all handcrafted, to encompass this multi-axis double tourbillon. But one of its key element is an incredibly complex and intricate differential system which spreads equally the energy to the two regulating organ.

I clearly invite you to see by yourself what is behind this spectacular feat and for those speaking French, don't hesitate to come on our website for the full-length interview with Vianney Halter, really some fascinating stuff!!

Enjoy & Viva CRAZY Watchmaking,

Marc André & Team

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