Benson Germanium Fuzz - Consistent Temperature Controlled Fuzz

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Germanium transistor fuzzes like the Fuzz Face have always been a double-edged sword. To enjoy the warmth, dynamics and exceptional guitar volume cleanup, you have to put up with extremely temperature sensitive devices that don’t agree with some guitars or buffered pedals.
To solve these age-old issues, the Benson Germanium Fuzz starts with a classic fuzz circuit loaded with two 2N527 Ge transistors and adds some major improvements for better consistency, compatibility and a wider range of tones.
To tackle the consistency issue, a brilliant temperature controlled circuit constantly monitors the transistor’s bias voltage and corrects for the slightest change in temperature. The status LED will show amber when warming up and green when the optimal temp (approx 95F) is reached.
To solve the impedance issue while preserving the behavior and interactivity of this vintage fuzz design, a Class-A buffer in installed before the input of the fuzz circuit along with a pickup simulator that makes the fuzz "see" a guitar signal, no matter the type of pedal is placed before it!
Plus, the impedance knob acts like the volume knob of the pickup simulator, allowing you to enjoy a wider range of tones from sparkly clean boost, thanks to ample output, and overdrive tones on both single coils and humbuckers. Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t clean up with your guitar’s volume knob, it’s as dynamic and interactive as ever.

Now, you can finally enjoy tonal consistency and open up a whole new world of pedal stacking that Ge fuzz has simply never seen before. Check out this mind blowing achievement at

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Gear Used:
Amp: Hamstead Artist 60 & 1x12” Cab, ‘72 Marshall 100W Super Lead
Guitars: G&L Legacy, Gibson Custom CME Les Paul, Nik Huber Twangmeister
Other Pedals: Dunlop Fuzz Face Mini Ge, DOD FX65 Chorus, Thomas Organ Cry Baby (Kinnatone mod)
Recording Gear: Universal Audio Apollo 8 QUAD, UA OX Amp Top Box, de Lisle Amp-Speaker Switcher 4x4 Pro Plus, Royer R-121 Mic
Drums by Stefan Pötzsch
Strings: Stringjoy Signature 10-46
Cables: Sinasoid Sable & Sliver patch cables
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