Best Stuffing for Speakers Tested - Unexpected Results

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"Best" is a relative term. All three work, but if you prefer to use polyfil it'll get the job done. You just need to use more of it than the other two.

And I'm only looking at the ability of the stuffing to damp the interior of the box from the perspective of that one panel. The real difference between these is probably low enough that it really doesn't matter.
With that said, when compared by weight, fiberglass and rockwool nose out the polyfil by a small margin.

My preference for fiberglass mostly came from almost always having some on hand. I like to use what I have and tend to be realistic about the differences between materials. Even if there is an audible difference, a difference doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the other.

Moving on to direct panel damping, rubber damping was almost useless and doubling the panel thickness is effective but mostly down low. Double layer CLD is effective across the tested frequency range. I would consider that to be something worth doing if you are looking for peak performance. Like I said in the video, it can be combined with stuffing to make it even more effective.

Important to put all of this in perspective. These differences are relatively insignificant when compared with other much more important design considerations when build a speaker. Driver selection, box design (volume, alignment) and crossover design are orders of magnitude more important to how the speaker will sound.
I do these tests to demonstrate just how small the difference actually is between these and how little they will affect the sound.

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