Bharg Kale Ko Sab Chahiye | Dostcast 71

Bharg Kale is a musician based in Delhi. He is best known for creating the album 'Sab Chahiye' with Rawal.
In this episode of Dostcast, Vinamre and Bharg talked about, DHH scene in India, Bharg's experience of performing in NH7, the future of Indie Music and making money.

00:00 Intro
00:53 Microphones and Sound Mastering
03:41 Jazz Recreative Music
08:07 Music to Seasoned Ears
11:27 Adding Surprise Element to a Song
19:13 Sab Chahiye is not Solely a Hip Hop Album
22:32 Stereotype Indian Sound
27:37 Experimenting with Indian Instrument
29:48 Rusty Analog Sound
32:27 Retro Sound is Coming Back
37:08 What Exactly is Psychedelic Music
40:55 Pink Floyd
45:39 Performing on Stage
53:47 Living Like a Hippie For 100 Days
56:48 Set Wet Gel and Axe Deodorant
1:00:00 Stage songs people always love
1:01:50 Skits on songs
1:08:30 Bharg gaming
1:10:55 Science on sounds
1:19:00 Imperfections in songs
1:21:30 Waves of people in fests
1:24:05 Siddu Musewala and other Punjabi rappers
1:27:30 Sneha Khanwalkar
1:31:45 Vinyl collections in India
1:34:20 Bharg’s unreleased song performance
1:36:50 Passive smoking and peer pressure
1:39:00 Does music come from drugs?
1:44:00 10,000 Hours
1:47:10 Future plans and collaboration
1:51:55 Kya musicians paise kama paye?
1:54:05 Conclusion

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