Blackstar Acoustic:Core 30 - Lightweight, Affordable Amp For Acoustic Performers & Singers!

Meg demos the Blackstar AcousticCore 30, possibly the best value amplifier for acoustic performers currently available. Order yours here:

00:00 Blackstar AcousticCore 30 Demo Song #1
00:45 What Is The Blackstar Acoustic Core 30?
01:37 Guitar Enhance & Vocal Clarity Demo
02:25 Reverb & Chorus Demo
03:27 Streaming/Line Out Recording Demo
05:16 More Features
06:14 Blackstar Acoustic Core 30 Demo Song #2
07:04 Where To Buy The Blackstar AC30

Are you on the hunt for a portable, lightweight, and affordable new acoustic guitar amp, with incredible tone shaping filters, and a built-in channel for voals? Then we have just the thing for you! With the Blackstar Acoustic:CORE 30 you get an amp that produces some of the most natural acoustic tones ever, thanks to a combination of power and flexibility, courtest of Blackstar's illustrious CORE digital platform.

For a fully immersive sound, and true to the Blackstar Core platform, this amp features two 5" speakers, and Blackstar's Super Wide Stereo sound, for a fully-immersive audio experience. This setup is perfectly complimented by the inclusion of a whost of stereo Chorus and Reverb effects for both the Instrument and Vocal channels.

As if all of that wasn't enough, the Blackstar Acoustic:CORE 30 is host to a whole swathe of professional features. Amongst these features you'll find options for livestreaming connectivity, USB recording, and much more. All in all this amp is ideal for giving singer/songwriters the ability to get a professional sound, wherever they may find themselves, without the need for a sound engineer.

Blackstar Acoustic CORE 30 Stereo Digital Acoustic Combo Main Features:

- Budget-friendly, 30 Watt, 3-channel digital combo amp for acoustic guitar
- Designed by the same team responsible for the award-winning Sonnet series
- Professional features make it perfect for live, home, and studio use
- Includes a 3-band EQ on each channel along with controls for Enhance and Vocal Clarity for accurate tone shaping
- Built-in stand for tilt-back positioning
- Optional battery powered mode
- Super-Wide Stereo Effects


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