Blackstar ID Core V3 Amplifier Demo - Dagan's Favourite Key Features & Differences Explained

Dagan demos the incredible new Blackstar ID:Core Version 3 amplifiers and runs us through the key features of the amps.

The Blackstar ID:Core V3 amps are available in either 10 watt, 20 watt and 40 watt versions, so Dagan talks us through the differences between each model and why you might want to upgrade from your V2!

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0:00 Intro
0:49 Different Amps Available
1:10 Aesthetic Differences
2:00 Top Panel
3:16 New Features!
3:44 New LIVE-STREAMING Function
5:21 New ARCHITECT Software
6:30 New WIRELESS Powered Option
7:05 Dirty Tone Demo
8:77 Clean Tone Demo with Effects
9:45 Crunch Tone Demo
10:33 Metal Tone Demo
11:08 New Feature Overview
12:25 Supercrunch and Funky Tones
13:30 Final Thoughts

In this video, Dagan talks about the new Blackstar ID Core V3 amplifiers and discusses the Live Streaming Function, Cab Rig Simulator, Architect Software and new Wireless powered option.

This amp offers complete control over your tone and won't break the bank!

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