Blues Deluxe to Dumble Overdrive Special 102 Style Guitar Amp Conversion From Start to Finish

I Converted my Blues Deluxe Reissue to a Dumble Overdrive Special Clone with a Warehouse ET65 speaker ( and in this video, I go through the guitar amp build process and do a demo of the dumble clone.

What I have now with this guitar amp build is basically a 50watt version of Dumble 102. I used a PCB instead of the standard eyelet board construction so it was a fairly quick build.

The clean sound is fantastic and the overdrive is exactly what you expect out of these dumble style amps. In this video, I really don't dial in an extreme overdrive but it still sings and sounds amazing.

This is my third time building a clone of a Dumble Overdrive Special and each one really has its own voice.

If you are building a guitar amp and watching this video for ideas then please do some safety research on your own.

The original Dumble 102 was built for Robben Ford and it's a 100-watt amp. My other 102 clone is 100 watts paired with an EV speaker and it has a bit more clean headroom than this 50-watt version with the warehouse ET65
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