Bluesette - Chord Melody - Guitar Lesson

For those about to rock:

In this video, we'll only strum chords gently....

Just kidding. We learn how play the beautiful Bluesette by Toots Thielemans in a chord melody style. Bluesette was written in 1962, and did you know Toots was both a Harmonica player and a Guitarist?

This little tune and chord arrangement can be a nice way to get into some chord melody playing. You don't have to be a skilled jazz guitarist to be able to do this.

Funny...Funny how? Well, while I was making this video, my Princeton Reverb broke down. My favorite amp but also a true daily driver, so sometimes it needs care. So instead I used a Marshall JCM800 Combo (with reverb) for the intro and outro. A bit of an AC/DC setup, putting out a Jazz clean, I guess.

I also teach guitar online, and work as a recording guitarist and mixing engineer.

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