Bluetooth speaker vs wired speaker sound & bass test

Livestar SB12 12 inch Bluetooth speaker vs wired Radiotehnika S-70 speaker stereo setup. The bluetooth speaker can't win decent wired bookshelf or floorstanding speakers system setup. HiFI for the win! Bluetooth speakers are for background music in your garden barbecue bbq parties. We hope someday test bluetooth speaker vs home theater vs soundbar to get real audiophile a/b test :)

The Livestar SB12 Wireless Bluetooth speaker with tweeter and 12" inch midbass bass driver. One off biggest portable speaker I have seen for under $200. Main features: Karaoke function, Wireless handheld microphone, Bluetooth interface for audio signal transmission, USB / Micro SD card reader for audio, AUX / LINE audio input, Electric guitar socket, Built-in FM radio, Sound system power 450W PMPO, Low and high frequency adjustment, Remote control, Retractable handle and casters for convenient transportation. Weight 13.2 kg.

The VEF RRR Radiotehnika S-70 from 1981 USSR. I found these 40 year old Radiotehnika S-70 also known as 35 АС-013 active studio monitors mint technical and visual condition from USSR soviet union time. Excellent USSR speakers and I in this video show Radiotehnika S70 setup and overview with quick sound and bass test. RRR Radiotehnika loudspeakers are made in Latvia.

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