Born In The USA Acoustic Guitar Lesson - TWO CHORD SONG!

Born In The USA Acoustic Guitar Lesson by Bruce Springsteen ✅ Buy Lauren’s Guitar Course – https://laurenbatemanguitar.com/courseyt - Welcome to my Born in the USA guitar tutorial. This is a SUPER EASY 2 chord guitar song. We will be using two power chords the E5 and B5 power chords for this lesson. I will also show you a cool intro lick for Born in the USA that you can play over the intro and choruses or throughout the entire songs.

✅ Pull up my Born in the USA guitar lesson chord chart to follow along with:

Born In The USA Acoustic Guitar Lesson Chapters:

0:00​​ - Intro & Born In The USA Guitar Chords
01:56 - Born In The USA Simplest Strumming Pattern
02:56 - Born In The USA Intro Lick
04:36 - Born In The USA Intermediate Strumming Pattern & Demo

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