Brave creates their own search engine, YouTUBE Music on Linux, and a modular laptop - Linux News

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This time, we have plenty of new hardware, including a modular laptop, a youtube music client for Linux, Brave buying a search engine, and Google trying to create a bigger monopoly on web ads.

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In a new blog post, the founder of Linux Mint, Clem Lefebvre, explained a few plans to try and make sure that Mint users actually do their updates.

Ubuntu will use Flutter to build their own apps in the future.

A new GNOME blog post points out the various changes that are happening in GNOME 40, specifically to help extension developers adapt their apps to the new release.

Something that just reached me, but has been announced at the end of February: the framework laptop is an interesting hardware project: a sleek and good looking laptop, with decent specs, that will have a host of various modules to upgrade its functionality, including various ports, headphone amps, or even the whole mainboard, as upgrades are released.

AMD announced their next GPU, based on the RDNA2 architecture: the Radeon RX 6700XT.

System76 announced a new entry in their Thelio line of desktops: the Thelio Mira. It slots in between the base Thelio, and the Thelio Major, and is intended to fulfill the role of a profesionnal desktop workstation. It ships with gen3 or 4 ryzen CPUs, Up to 128GB of RAM, up to 2 GPUs, and can be configured up to 36Gb of Storage.

Tuxedo also announced some new hardware, laptops specifically. The Tuxedo Book XP15 and XP17 embark Nvidia RTX 3000 series, or at least their Max Q design.

DXVK 1.8.1 was released.

The Steam Link app is now available on Linux, through Flathub.

Valve has made a new version of Proton experimental available. For those who don't know about it, Proton Experimental is the testing branch of the compatibility layer for Steam, and it generally adds a lot of features that help with newer games, at the price of stability and more general compatibility.

Wine 6.4 was released, with improved theming support for more types of controls, and other various changes that are completely beyond my knowledge.

7-Zip has seen its first official release for Linux.

A new Linux client for youtube music has been made available. It's called AudioTube, and it's built using kirigami, the open source library for KDE to handle responsive apps, as in apps that resize depending on the device you them on, mobile, or desktop.

Google will phase out support for third party cookies in Google Chrome.

Brave has purchased a search engine, and they're integrating it in their browser, focused on privacy. Brave Search, based on the Tailcat saerch engine, will use its own search engine and index, which means it won't source any results from big tech companies.
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