BTR#40 Surfy Industries Surfybear, Real Spring Reverb Pedals Review

Most electric guitarists consider the spring reverb an essential component of their tone.
Its characteristic “drip sound” wraps the notes in a halo, making our solos and arpeggios sound full bodied. But how can we get real "spring drip" if our amplifier can't provide satisfying reverb?
Surfy Industries tackled this subject and came out with the Surfybear spring reverb effects, a line of three models named "Classic", "Metal" and "Compact". These models try to provide the ultimate solution to Vox, Marshall and Tweed amps fans!

All sound samples recorded with Braingasm Lab Custom Microphones.

Surfy Industries Pedals:


-English subtitles available
-Sottotitoli in Italiano

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00:00 - What is a “Real” or "True" Spring Reverb Pedal and why should I need one?
04:21 - Real Reverb Pedals on the market
06:21 - Surfy Industries and the Surfybear line of Reverbs.
08:10 - Surfybear "Classic"
11:52 - Guitar Recording with Braingasm Custom Microphones
13:20 - Surfybear "Classic" main sound sample
13:55 - Surfybear Reverbs construction
14:23 - Surfybear "Metal"
15:55 - Surfybear "Metal" main sound sample
16:30 - Surfybear "Metal" in recording studio
17:06 - Surfybear "Compact"
19:13 - Surfybear "Compact" sound sample (with distortion)
19:39 - Bottom Line, the point on the Surfybear line of Reverbs by Surfy Industries

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