Build a Star Wars Droid Series - With Sam Prentice!

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STL's URL Below - Part 2 on 3DP&P -
Have you ever wanted to build a Star Wars Droid? Now is your chance! Learn from one of the leaders in the industry Sam Prentice. We will be working on a miniature R5 or Teedo remote controlled droid to start out. You will be able to have a fully operational droid in just a few days! In future streams, will be the building, wiring, and provide painting tips. We will then take this series to the next level and build some full size droids!

In this first stream we will cover the following
* Show you the 3D models (STL's) to use
* Show off the completed prints
* What electronics are needed
* Hardware needed (screws, nuts, and bolts)
* Total costs
* Tips and tricks

MrBaddeley Patreon for Droid STL's

Sam Prentice Social Media
@SamPrentice (Twitter) @theRealSamPrentice (Instagram)

Jerry Knapp 3D Printing and Painting
@JERRY_3DHP (Twitter)

Tripod's Garage

Disclaimer - This is an instructional video only - I assume no responsibility if you do not become a pro after watching this video. This video is for learning purposes only, you are following the steps in this video at your own risk!

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