Build basic 2 watt 6V6 Tube guitar amp Simple design great sound & distortion perfect beginner kit

This is a follow up video to the homebrew 2 watt amplifier build. The initial design featured a 6CL6 tube. By request, this time I utilized common amp tubes (6V6 & 12AX7) rather than using obscure ones. The purpose is to show you can achieve the same results. The 6V6 is a great class A amplifier and everyone loves its tone characteristics. I am running this tube at low power (180vdc) Biased to achieve Class A operation. Sounds great and distorts nicely. You can build this amp relatively cheap. Troll ebay and other sites for good deals on the components. For the output tranny check, www.amplifiedparts.com They are my favorite parts supplier.
NOTE: This amp featured has SOLD
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