Build Web Stories using AMP | Vrijraj Singh

Web Stories immerse your readers in fast-loading full-screen experiences. Easily create visual narratives, with engaging animations and tappable interactions. The Web Story format (formerly known as AMP Stories) is free and part of the open web and are available for everyone to try on their websites. They can be shared and embedded across the web without being confined to a closed ecosystem or platform.

As people’s mobile consumption habits shift, more visual forms of storytelling are gaining popularity. However, the story format, while popular in some apps, is not widespread across the open web. In this talk, you’ll learn more about AMP stories, how to build them, and how Google is surfacing stories within its own experiences, including Search.

Speaker of the day:
Vrijraj Singh who is Google Developer Expert for Web & Firebase. He is a front-end developer by profession and a community champion by passion.

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