Building Troels Gravesen SBA941 DIY speaker end-to-end tutorial.

End-to-end tutorial on how to build Troels Gavesen SBA941 speaker. In accelerating mode I have filmed key moments of the build and added comments pointing to important notes. The total length of the video is 30 minutes. Speaker box material 22mm Baltic birch plywood for the cabinet and 30mm for the front panel. Dowel joints are used for box reinforcement. Dowel joints are among the strongest joints in woodworking. Another benefit is that your cabinet will not contain metal parts. This was my subconscious wish. There is no logical explanation and answer for me why. In the project, I am using 8mm dowels. The key benefit is that your box components are true rectangular. You can order precise cuts in large plywood warehouses and cut them with an industrial saw. The allowed deviation of material cut should be within 1mm. When ordering parts you should give guidance on which dimensions should be set with one saw setting to achieve the necessary tolerance. Speakers used in the design are the following: Woofer SB Acoustics Satori WO24P-8, midrange SB Acoustics SB12MNRX25-4 4", Tweeter SB Acoustics SB29RDNC-C000-4. I reduced costs by replacing the original design “Satory” midrange with a more affordable unit and the same for the tweeter. For active speaker architecture, the performance difference is neglectable. 8Ohms woofer was chosen due to equalizing speaker sensitivities when setting ICEpower 125ASX2 in bridged mode (+6dB). 125ASX2 in bridged mode performance on 8 ohms is excellent still keeping about 250W. SB Acoustics Satori WO24P-8 is a fantastic quality speaker and I raised the crossover frequency to 550Hz to allow instruments and low human voice to play through this speaker. With active crossover you can play around this frequency to find the best performance point. Perfect bass, excellent clarity, and a deep rich human voice. It is also important for Jazz trios when a big violin (Contrabass or Chelo is playing). You can do a lot of modifications but do not go away from this speaker. Yes, it is twice expensive as other manufacturer products, but it is worth any penny.
Link to original design http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/SBA-941.htm
00:00:00 Processing front panel
00:04:02 Dowel joints holes
00:04:51 processing back panel
00:07:00 Reinforsment components
00:08:22 Assembling phase invertor
00:09:21 Assembling cabinet
00:13:13 Midrange cabinet
00:15:24 Putting cabinet together
00:18:48 Standing waves damping
00:21:02 Processing cabinet edges
00:21:02 Assembling speakers
00:24:49 Enjoying result
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