Caline DCP-03 Devilfish Chorus Delay

Get ready to swim deep into a caves of modulated echoes and aquatic delays with The Devilfish. The right side is a classic reliable chorus players have grown to love over the years. The left side is Caline's Blue Ocean Delay, featuring up to 600ms of delay time. The two sounded so magical individually, we had to place them together in one place. Ocean-like tones at your feet...dive in.


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Gear used:

Paul Reed Smith CE 24

Porter Pickups Smooth Alnico 2 and Classic Alnico 5 -

Fender ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb
sE Electronics Voodoo VR1 -

Milkman Sounds The Amp
Dr. Z 1x12 with a Celestion V30
Sennheiser e906

Strymon Iridium Amp & IR Cab -

Current Pedalboard:

Teese RMC3 Wah
Ernie Ball VP Tuner
Diamond Pedals BEQ-2 Boost EQ -
Ceriatone Amplification Centura -
Hochstrasser Electronics Centrifuge Analog Phaser -

Boss DD-8 Digital Delay (stereo) -
Chase Bliss Audio CXM 1978 Reverb (stereo)

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

Video shot in beautiful 4K with an Olympus E-PL10


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Thanks for your continued support, and remember, these videos are intended to show off the PEDALS and what they can do, not what a brilliant guitar player I am - there are plenty of shredder videos out there, and besides, I'm really a drummer :)
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