Can i breastfeed when i am covid positive ? Covid vaccine during breastfeeding ? Breastfeeding Wk- 5

Can i breastfeed when i am covid positive ? Covid vaccine during breastfeeding ? Breastfeeding Day 5

Breastfeeding your child's probably one of the earliest and most enjoyable experiences in motherhood. This takes mother - baby bonding to whole another level. But, in today's scenario, Covid infection and Covid vaccine have been persistently nagging the mothers if they should continue breastfeeding their baby following infection and vaccination. So, through this video an attempt has been made to understand the concepts with the research, made available so far.

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Dr. Samatha Honavar is an obstetrician and gynaecologist (BAMS- Gold Medalist, MS - Gold Medalist), Transcendental Meditation and Yoga practitioner. She has published many articles related to Women's Health in National and International Journals. She was a recipient of RULA Awards, 2018 for her Research and Article on Oligohydamnios in International Journal.

Ask Dr Samatha Q.1
EVERY NEW MOTHER SHOULD KNOW ! World Breastfeeding week 2021 / Day 1 (Subtitles in 25 languages)

Should i get covid vaccine when i am pregnant ? Covid vaccine in Pregnancy.
This video is specially meant to allay the hesitancy towards covid vaccination during pregnancy.
This video is the first in a series of many where we answer the questions posed by our viewers who we lovingly call 'Superwombers'.

EVERY NEW MOTHER SHOULD KNOW ! World Breastfeeding week 2021 / Importance of breastmilk and breastfeeding. - Day 1

The theme of World breastfeeding week 2021 is protecting Breastfeeding : A shared responsibility. With this background, today's video emphasises the importance of breast milk, its benefit not only to the baby but the mother as well. In this video, I have also explained about colostrum and its properties.

How do i get my baby to latch correctly ? Breastfeeding positions / World Breastfeeding Week - Day 2.
Every breastfeeding mother must l know ! Good and bad latch. correct latch.
Successful breastfeeding is every mother's 'top on the list' priority. This can be achieved by proper education to the new mothers. In this regard, today's video is dedicated to teach the mothers proper techniques of breastfeeding to make sure the baby establishes a good latch and there is hassle-free breastfeeding experience for both mother and her baby!

How to increase my breastmilk naturally ? (Breastfeeding tips) World breastfeeding Week - Day 3
Breastfeeding is a challenge to both mommies and babies!
Most new and first timer mommies complain about low milk supply and want a sure shot solution to this. So, it is necessary to know the various reasons for this in the first place and find solutions according to the problem. This video is made with an intent to help new mothers with tweaks to tackle this problem and make their nursing journey enjoyable!

Breastfeeding problems / Why do i have pain during breastfeeding ? World Breastfeeding Week day 4

New mothers and their newborn babies can at times have a tough time with breastfeeding which causes painful nursing experience in the mother. This video addresses such common breastfeeding challenges, ways of preventing and overcoming them.

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