Can This Replace Your D-Style Amp?

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The Ultraphonix MKII recreates the sound and feel of a Dumble Overdrive Special, one of the most sought after amps on the market. Having been voiced alongside 4 Dumble ODS amplifiers, the Ultraphonix MKII captures the X-factor shared amongst all ODS amps, providing authentic d-style overdrive tones in a small package.

Today, we're shooting out the Ultraphonix MKII against a point-to-point Dumble amplifier clone, to see if the pedal can hold its own against a high-quality Dumble replica.

Skip to 03:32 for the shootout!

Table of Contents
00:00 Introduction
00:28 History of the Ultraphonix
01:24 What's New in the MKII?
03:32 Ultraphonix vs. Dumble Clone
04:43 "Had to Cry Today"
06:30 "Canonball Shuffle"
08:05 "Josie"
09:54 "All in Good Time"
11:30 Conclusion

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