CAN YOU HEAR THE DIFFERENCE? Tube Amp VS Amp Simulation Pedal | Gear Corner

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Do you think guitar amps are unnecessary and overpriced? Or would you always go for a real amp and pretty much laugh at amp simulations? Let's see how an amp simulation pedal holds up against my dream tube amp rig. I'm pretty sure, you'll be surprised...
Enjoy Gear Corner!

Check out the Walrus Audio ACS1 here (Thomann affiliate link):

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** Why the "Includes paid promotion" message? **
According to german laws everyone has to mark their videos as advertisements as soon as there's a single "subject relevant" product, tag or link in it. Even if you didn't get paid for making that video. Sounds confusing and it really doesn't help the viewer to see which is a paid review and which isn't.
--- The line of truth: Is this actually a paid review? Walrus Audio sent over the ACS1 for this video, so technically that makes this a paid promotion. (I update this line for every video).

0:13 Playing | Clean | Walrus D1 delay + ACS1
0:49 The two rigs are:
1:34 Speaker and mic simulation
2:06 Playing | Supro trem + Walrus D1 delay + Revv + OX
2:31 What are the rules of this blind test
2:48 CLEAN | RIG 1
3:11 CLEAN | RIG 2
3:33 CRUNCH | RIG 1 | w/ Double Trouble overdrive
3:50 CRUNCH | RIG 2 | w/ Double Trouble overdrive
4:08 Which amp is the ACS1 simulating?
4:34 DISTORTED | RIG 1 | w/ Xotic Super Clean + King of Tone
4:50 DISTORTED | RIG 2 | w/ Xotic Super Clean + King of Tone
5:05 What do I think of amps and simulations?
6:57 Last chance to to push pause and comment your guesses :)
8:05 We should stop being ignorant
8:28 Which rig did I like more?

Gear used in this video:
(the Bitly links are Thomann affiliate links)

-PJD Guitars St. John
-Fender Telecaster Custom Shop '53 reissue
(a similar custom shop tele: https://bit.ly/2KFVJld)
-Honey Bee Double Trouble: https://bit.ly/33COaU3
-Xotic Super Clean Boost: https://bit.ly/36fsHka
-Analogman King of Tone analogman.com
-Walrus Audio D1 Delay: https://bit.ly/2W4McqU
-Supro Tremolo
-UAFX Golden Reverb: https://bit.ly/3vS36JN
-REVV Dynamis 7/40 head: https://bit.ly/2IxwoId
-Universal Audio OX BOX https://bit.ly/2IyOeuj
-One Control Agamidae switcher: https://bit.ly/2YZgiib
-Ernie Ball cables and strap: https://bit.ly/2Io0dfg
-Cordial CRI series cables: https://bit.ly/2XiVLBR
-Evidence Audio patch cables: https://bit.ly/2Ixylo1

Other gear I use in my videos:

-Harley Benton Fusion-II Roasted SSP https://bit.ly/31FVawf
-Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop '58 reissue https://bit.ly/2FxKvek
-Gibson Les Paul CM 2015 - heavily modified (thin nitro refin; Lollar Dog Ear P90; Emerson electronics)
-Barocsi Troublecaster - Custom built T-style guitar with Gretsch Filtertrons
-Barocsi "Frankenstrat" (2000 Fender American Standard body + Warmoth neck)
-Coppersound Foxcatcher: coppersoundpedals.com
-REVV G2: https://bit.ly/2NbpV9R
-REVV G4: https://bit.ly/2ZhxX39
-Tate FX Antares overdrive https://www.tatefx.co.uk/
-Walrus Audio Lillian phaser: https://bit.ly/3czfxB8
-Tate FX Raise the Dead Ge: tatefx.co.uk
-Dunlop Gypsy Fuzz pedal: https://bit.ly/2VKw4K0
-J Rockett Archer overdrive: https://bit.ly/2Ges1z8
-Morgan 1x12 cab Twilight: https://bit.ly/2KFihDq
-NUX SOS Looper https://bit.ly/31TMxPx
-Two Notes Captor X: https://bit.ly/33FPfcW

The speech mic:
-SENNHEISER MKH 416: https://bit.ly/2w1EAMP
Audio Interface:
-Audient iD44: https://bit.ly/2Jo73zN

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