Cheap MPPT 40A Solar Charge Controller from BougeRV - Install and Test

Last summer I reviewed a couple items from an online seller called BougeRV. I had a look at their 170W solar panels and AC/DC portable fridge freezer. Though both are not the best quality out there, for the price they weren't too bad.

Since then the company has been asking me to review something else from their store. The only thing that has been of interest to me is the 40 amp MPPT solar charger controller. Now that it's spring and the sunshine is returning here in BC I decided to have them send one out for review.

The BougeRV 40 MPPT solar controller performed well in my initial tests putting out the advertised charging amperage. However, I've decided to wire it into my existing solar system and use it for the summer to give you a longer-term performance/durability review later on. Stay tuned for that.

*Fair Disclosure* I received the F40C4TMP fridge free of charge in exchange for a review. However, I received no monetary compensation. Opinions are my own. However, I have decided to become an affiliate.

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