Completion of urea cycle | urea cycle part-3

Citrullyl -AMP intermediate and aspartate form a different compound. This reaction is a type of condensation reaction. Carbonyl group of citrully-AMP intermediate and Amino group of aspartate reacts with each other. This reaction is catalyzed by Arginino succinate synthetase.As the name of the ezyme synthetase, that means this reaction is energy dependent. This condensation reaction occur in cytosol.

Argininosuccinate is cleaved into arginine and fumarate . This reaction is catalyzed by Argininosuccinase. Fumarate enters into the TCA cycle. On the other hand arginine enters into another round of urea cycle.

Arginine which is formed inside cytosol is further cleaved into urea and ornithine. Urea carries two amino group.Urea enters into blood stream and reaches to kidney. Finally urea is excreted from our body through urine.

Ornithine which is formed inside the cytosol , enters inside the matrix and continues another round of urea cycle.
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