CONTROLLER QUAD VIBES! CoD Warzone Live Stream Now! Cold War

Cod warzone live stream now with kdubz, who has over 370 wins, 28,000+ kills, and over 52+ days with a controller played on Warzone! My real name is Kaleb and I livestream Warzone every single day starting at 7am EST and ending my stream around 11am EST! I live in the United States of America and I am from North Carolina, I’m 19 years old and my dream is to become the greatest Warzone player in the entire world! Everyday on stream I play with my cousin Dalton from Japan and my other friends. The dog in the background is my pug Bella and she watches over the stream to make sure I am not f’ing off. Any new event, new season, or new guns you will find here first on my channel because I am known for waking up at 3am just to live stream so you guys can see everything first!

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Using this link gives me more of the money, YouTube takes 30% of your donation through superchats, so if you donated 100 dollars I would only get 70 dollars of what you gave!

Gaming Equipment
I use a basic dual shock 4 controller with galaxy kontrol freeks for increased accuracy! Also for my headset I use Astro A40 TR with the Mix Amp Pro TR for better audio!

Dual Shock 4 Controller Link

Galaxy Kontrol Freeks

Astro A40 and MixAmp Pro TR

Even though I use a controller, I play Warzone on a gaming pc that was built for me. Here are the main parts to my pc!

My Processor

My Graphics Card

My Motherboard

My Ram

My Monitor

My WebCam

That covers pretty much everything setup wise, if you have any other questions please comment and ask me! I also upload videos on Warzone and if you could check them out it really helps man. If you read all of this you might as well subscribe, it helps a lot bro.
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