"Core"ing a PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Upgraded SE with US parts

Lukas presents his modded 2018 PRS SE Tremonti Custom. It is a limited edition that was released as part of the Europe-exclusive Stealth Series and features a hand-rubbed satin finish, a quilt maple top and ebony fretboard.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Amp & Cabinet
0:34 Playing Part I
1:54 Guitar specs
3:39 Playing Part II
3:53 Talking about the mods
5:36 Playing Part III
6:40 Cost breakdown - was it worth it?
7:33 Playing Part IV
9:10 Final thoughts & Goodbye

Details about the guitar (no longer available, just for reference)

Thomann links to the parts used for modding the guitar (Austrian page to indicate the prices paid - no affiliate links, just for reference)
Neck Pickup https://www.thomann.de/at/prs_pickup_tremonti_bass.htm
Bridge Pickup https://www.thomann.de/at/prs_pickup_tremonti_treble.htm
Pickup frames https://www.thomann.de/at/prs_acc_4261_b_pickup_frame_black.htm
Locking tuners https://www.thomann.de/at/prs_acc_4337_se_locking_tuner_ch.htm
Lampshade knobs https://www.thomann.de/at/prs_acc_4246_lampshade_knops_clear.htm
Schaller S-Locks (complete set, not just the pins) https://www.thomann.de/at/schaller_s_locks_bc.htm

Amp: Engl Ironball 20 Head played through a 1x12 Palmer Cab with a Celestion Greenback.
Audio was recorded with Shure MV88+ and the built in mic of the Canon G7X camera.

All gear used was not sponsored in any way and bought with our own money. There is no affiliation with any dealer or manufacturer.
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