Crazy Tube Circuits 'Crossfire'...Add Some SRV To Any Amp!

Here's a brand new pedal for you - the Crossfire from Crazy Tube Circuits over in Greece. This is Christos' take on one of the most revered pedal/amp combinations in history - loved by the likes of John Mayer and Stevie Ray Vaughn, amongst others.

On the left hand side, we have a Blackface Fender amp-in-a-box circuit giving any amp (yep, even my middley JTM45!) a healthy dose of Fender scoop & sparkle. There's a 3-band EQ, bright switch and a headroom switch...taking you from Twin-territory down to a Super; or SS-rectified down to tube. Cool, eh?

Then, on the right, there's an 808 Tubescreamer circuit - one of my favourite I've played, I should add - and that too has some toggle switches for some of the most popular mods done to that circuit during its lifetime...a high gain switch, and also one to take you from standard symmetrical clipping to more tube-like asymmetrical clipping (reminiscent of the old Boss OD-1).

But of course, the magic happens when you stack them together...the mid push of the TS fills out the mid scoop of the Fender amp circuit, and lovely things happen. PLUS, in the middle of the two sides, there's an effects loop...so you can boost into an effect with the TS, or have that effect run into the Fender modelling...or both!

What do you think? Tasty tasty tones? Or not for you? Comment below!

Check out more details about the Crossfire on the CTS website: https://crazytubecircuits.com/crossfire

Amp is a Vajra JTM45 clone running into a Zilla Studio Pro 2x12 cabinet loaded with Scumback S75-PVC AlNiCo and Celestion Gold speakers. Recorded with Aston Spirit Condenser, '70s Sennheiser MD441 and sE RNR1 ribbon mics, with a Schoeps CMC6 room mic.

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0:00 What Is This Pedal?
3:11 Fender Amp Side
11:29 Tubescreamer Side
16:00 The Magic Of Stacking
20:23 The Effects Loop
23:31 What Do We Think?

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