Creating Intricate Fused Glass Dichroic Mosaic Jewelry w/ Tanya Veit • Glass Fusing for Beginners

Oh, this is not just "frit balls!" Once again world renowned artist and glass instructor Tanya Veit of aaeglass.com has created a free glass fusing jewelry video class for all of you glass lovers! All firing schedules and supply links will be listed below. Please show your support and subscribe to our channel and like the video. Your support means we keep providing free glass fusing classes on YouTube! Thank you all for watching!

SUPPLY LIST! (Links will take you to aaeglass.com)
• Precut Glass Base(s) of your choice https://www.aaeglass.com/shop/jewelry-making/glass-jewelry-pre-cut-bases.html

• Silver Settings of your choice (See below for setting details)

• EZ Fire White Opaque Enamel

• EZ Fire Metallic Enamels (Color of your choice) https://www.aaeglass.com/shop/fusing-supplies/paints-amp-enamels/1-oz-ez-fire-enamels.html

• Silkscreen Medium

• Murrine Pack - Try Our NEW Pot Luck Pack!

• Bullseye Medium & Coarse Frit (1oz. color of your choice)

• Awesome Scooper Tweezers (YOU CANNOT DO THIS TECHNIQUE WITHOUTTHESE or a comparible tool)

Firing Schedule for frit/dichroic balls (schedules may need adjusting according to your kiln) :
500˚ DPH to 1500˚ hold 10 min.

Firing schedule for tack fusing balls and firing enamel for deep grouting:

500˚ to 1400˚ - no hold (adjust hold time for desired look)
9999 or full speed to 900˚ hold for 60 min

FIring Schedule for Fire Polishing After Grinding (Optional)
400˚ to 1300˚ hold 20-25 minutes
9999 or full speed to 900˚ hold for 60 min
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