Cryptocurrencies and Decentralised Finance

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00:36 Introduction of panelists
03:45 What are cryptocurrencies?
07:09 Tokenization and Decentralised Finance
11:58 Cryptocurrencies: Assets and value storage or currencies for payment?
14:17 Parallel system - $1.6 trillion of cryptos are traded in a variety of exchanges
16:41 Centralised vs Decentralised and the Digital Yuan
17:38 Crypto investing, opportunities, borrowi, earning yield and Benjamin Graham
26:56 Risks, gambling, responses to volatility and stable coins
31:56 Venture capital and crypto opportunities
34:17 Are cryptos art? The value of an asset vs the price paid for an asset
36:53 Lindy's Law and the "coin zoo" - Which coins to invest in?
46:53 Vision and entrepreneurial opportunities
54:25 The centralised banking system has to engage with cryptocurrencies
56:14 Closing note

"Cryptocurrencies and Decentralised Finance"
was hosted by the UTS Finance Department at the UTS Business School on 5 August 2021.

Four experts discussed the state and opportunities of cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance:

1. Fred Schebesta, Co-Founder of, CEO of Schebesta Ventures
2. Alicia Vidler, Founding Member and Chairperson of 100 Women in Finance
3. Benjamin Chong, Investor and Partner at Right Click Capital
4. Talis Putnins, UTS Professor of Finance and Chief Scientist at the Digital Finance Research Centre (DFCRC)

Cryptocurrencies and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) applications appear to take over the world by storm. Making financial services effortless and more efficient is one of the declared goals of cryptocurrency and DeFi visionaries and entrepreneurs.

However, a recent Wall Street Journal article referred to research by UTS and other academics who found that "46% of bitcoin transactions conducted between January 2009 and April 2017 were for illegal activity." Provided the seemingly endless opportunities on the bright side, paired with research evidence of a potentially threatening dark side of cryptocurrencies, the future of coins, tokens and finance in general remains to be a fiercely debated topic among financial professionals, entrepreneurs, regulators, and retail consumers.

This event continues the current discussion surrounding the current state of the financial system and the future of finance in general. Our expert panelists will explore several dimensions of cryptocurrencies, including opportunities arising from DeFi applications and related solutions. The discussion will also cover the role of speculative trading, investments, risks and the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies and underlying technologies.

Discussion Topics:
- Are Cryptocurrencies here to stay?
- Cryptocurrency investing - the good, the bad, the ugly.
- Are retail investors at risk when considering investing in cryptocurrencies?
- Cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and regulation - challenges and opportunities.
- DeFi = The future of finance?

The educational content discussed in this recording does not constitute financial advice of any kind.

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