Custom build Fender Princeton AA1164 6V6 tube guitar amp project complete with control panel

Mission complete. Put the final touches on the amp and delivered to the owner. The final challenge was to create a custom control panel. I searched the internet for a source, no luck. So I decided to acquire the necessary items and create it myself. I decided on the US cutter Prism model P28. I chose this model since it could cut 24" material, plus the lettering could be as small as 2mm high. The sales group was very helpful, assisted me with choosing the proper vinyl for painted surfaces. I spent about an hour adjusting speed & cut depth, until I could generate perfect artwork. The results were very impressive. If you are creating a unique amp and need a panel made, drop me a line. This is not a normal D-Lab offering, however I am open to helping others out with this need.
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