Custom build Fender VibroVerb AB763 6L6 tube guitar amp Vintage project D-Lab Electronics Part 4

The VibroVerb project is getting close to completion. Final tube socket & control wiring is done. Grounding scheme in place and working great, silent and stable. I have it at the point that initial testing can be performed. Still a few items to address, however you will get to listen to it in this video. Tony C came over today for the test run. He was very impressed. Stated that it was the most quiet amp he has ever played! I plan to incorporate this grounding system into all future builds. I did not track my time, however I would estimate 60 hours by the time it is fully packaged. Yes, lots of time involved, however that is what will make this amp live a long life + bring lots of pleasure to the owner. My goal was to meet or exceed the original design. Mission accomplished. Looking forward to seeing the new owner play it.
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