Deep Dive on Cryptocurrency - Mining, Staking, Price, Stability, Pools and more!

This video first started with the intent to take an inventory of GPUs not being used right now and if I was going to put together another mixed rig our two. Additionally I would be planning a giveaway for both Twitch and YouTube followers for the epic year we are having. Currently I am narrowing that down to either a Pair of Matching GTX 1070Ti AMP Extreme GPUs OR a Radeon Red Devil 5600XT 6GB and a Sapphire RX 590 8GB. Will post detail later this week for time of drawing.

In addition I dive into Cryptocurrency discussion around Mining, Staking, Price, Stability of the market, Pools and more!

Below I will put timestamps with details of the discussion:
16:22 - Actual Start of Content
17:35 - GPU Unused Inventory
34:19 - Start of questions
35:20 - Best Risers to use?
36:50 - SQRL Riser Example
38:50 - How do riser fuses work? Replace?
39:35 - Discussion PCIe Power Draw on GPUs
43:30 - What's the smallest 3GPU Motherboard Miner?
45:30 - REBTECH 8GPU MB/CPU/MEM Blockchain PC
53:20 - How are B360-F Boards (Ryzen build) for Mining?
1:00:10 - Why do you share so much info for free?
1:06:20 - What's the best 6/8 Mining Motherboard?
1:08:50 - Are Octaminer Boards still useful?
1:12:15 - What happened back in 2018 that crashed market, will it happen again?
1:19:00 - You sell BTC?
1:19:40 - Defi discussion
1:22:30 - BTC Prediction for 2021 and beyond
1:28:30 - Have I looked at Hashgraph or other currencies?
1:29:30 - Ethereum 2.0 Discussion, Transition, Concerns
1:37:30 - EIP 1559 - Thoughts? Ethereum Fee Burn
1:42:50 - Cryptominers and Nodes incentive Discussion
1:48:00 - Deep Dive on Mining Pools, how it works, history, current
2:03:00 - How does cryptocurrency mining work on a pool?

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