DEEP DIVE PRS SE Silver Sky vs USA Differences + GIVEAWAY!

We all know and love (or hate!) the $2,549 USA PRS Silver Sky - which has outsold all USA Fender Stratocaster models in 2021 on Now, John Mayer and Paul Reed Smith have brought us a new contender: the SE Silver Sky made in Indonesia for just $849. So, what's REALLY the $1,700 difference between these two electric guitars? Are the necks and pickguards interchangeable? Stick around until the end to learn how you can WIN this SE Silver Sky in our giveaway!

0:00 Introduction
1:16 Specs and components DEEP Dive
01:57 Body differences
05:10 Neck differences
08:04 Radius differences
13:40 Electronics differences
14:23 Pickups differences/specs
15:54 Hardware/finish differences
17:03 Tuning machine differences
18:21 Bridge differences/more hardware differences
20:42 Can you swap any parts from the SE/USA guitars?
23:47 Tone Comparison to USA Model
27:20 Gain tones
33:28 Giveaway!

HOW TO ENTER the PRS SE Silver Sky Giveaway:

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