Demos in the Dark // Milkman Sound Five Watt Half Pint // Guitar Amp Demo

Milkman dropped this Five Watt Half Pint with me to do an amplifier demo! What a cool little tweed flavored ripper! Links Below!

Milkman Amps 5W Half Pint:
Other Gear Used:
Bunting Guitars Alice:
Seuf Guitars OH-19 & OH-20:

0:00 Intro
0:33 Features
1:11 In the Mix
3:22 Single Coils
8:45 Humbuckers
10:56 Closing Thoughts

The Half Pint was designed to be the most versatile low wattage amplifier possible. Reverb and tremolo and Class A single ended breakup are just the start of what this little amp can do. With the onboard voltage controlled power scaling, you can turn this amp up to 10 and dial it back to just a fraction of a watt so that your fun zone is volume appropriate for just about anywhere.

This amp is comfortable on stage, in studio, and at home. Because of the variable power, you can set it how you like and adjust the power level for the room.

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