Demos in the Dark // Milkman Sound Pop Top Boost Demo & Op-Amp Swap // Guitar Pedal Demo

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The new Pop Top High Headroom Discrete Op Amp Boost from Milkman Sound takes its inspiration from the classic American recording consoles of the 1970s. This studio-grade boost was designed with a discrete Op Amp which fits the standard 2520 footprint and put it into a modern pedal enclosure for use with guitar or any other instrument that uses 1/4” cables.

Milkman Pop Top:

Other Gear Used:
Seuf Guitars OH-19 & OH-20:
Heritage Guitars - H-535:
Milkman Sound 20W Creamer:

0:00 Intro
1:42 In the Mix
4:01 Pop Top Stock
6:40 Op-Amp Comparison
10:16 Closing Thoughts

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