Denon AVR-788 Receiver shuts off when cold when volume is turned up even with no input or speakers

A Denon AVR-788 AV Receiver with a weird symptom, Even with no inputs and no speakers connected if the volume is raised when the unit is cold it will shut down. If you keep the volume low for the first few minutes the unit will work perfectly. I found a bunch of (20+) bad capacitors. Unit is working great now.
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00:00 Intro
00:28 Look at the current draw
02:06 Look at the surr-R bias
04:04 49khz oscillation on surr-R ch
04:46 DSP and power amp schematic
06:06 Input board layout
06:47 Possible bad capacitors?
07:38 Cooling the capacitors
08:22 Separating main amp from DSP tests
09:43 ESR caps on DSP board
12:23 Bad SMD caps on HDMI board?
13:36 Twisting off old capacitors
14:08 Installing new capacitors
15:18 Tests after capacitor replacement
16:20 Audio tests
17:18 Closing words
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