DGN Guitar News #19 Happy New Year! - PRS SE Silver Sky!? Sammy Hagar In PANTERA & More!

Welcome to this weeks edition of PMT's Dagan's Guitar News! A show where we talk through and touch upon the most talked about music news and releases of the past week!

In this weeks instalment - Happy New Year & Thank you for watching these past 12 months, here’s to 2022! - Is there going to be an affordable PRS SE John Mayer Silver Sky Signature?! - Sammy Hagar was asked to front PANTERA in the mid 90’s - Eric Clapton has pulled out of suing an elderly German woman over a 30 year old bootleg Clapton tape - The Godmother of drums, Dorothea Taylor, has recorded an epic drum cover of Blink-182’s ‘What’s My Age Again’ and called out Travis Barker for a drum battle! Plus PMT’s amazing Premium Brand Sale is on RIGHT NOW!

Find all the product links and links Dagan mentions in this weeks episode below the timestamps.

0:00 Intro, What Coming Up & Happy New Year!
2:00 PMT's Premium Brand SALE!
2:44 Is There A PRS 'SE' Silver Sky On The Way?!
5:03 Sammy Hagar Was Once Asked To Front PANTERA
8:35 Eric Clapton Has Pulls Out Of Suing German Woman Over Selling A 30 Year Old Bootleg
10:42 The Godmother Of Drums, Dorothea Taylor, Rocks Blink-182's 'What's My Age Again!"
12:45 Final Thoughts

Check out PMT’s Premium Brand Sale at PMT Online here - https://bit.ly/3Ht2mRk

Rock a PRS Silver Sky like John Mayer here - https://bit.ly/3pKhmEl

Dorothea Taylor’s Blink-182 ‘What’s My Age Again’ Cover - https://bit.ly/32wrHLn
Dorothea’s Instagram - https://bit.ly/3eDEwpl
All drum gear at PMT Online - https://bit.ly/3eF7a9I

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