Diabetes Reversal: From a Functional Medicine Perspective

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Functional medicine works on the principle of "WHY & HOW" of diabetes and helps heal it from the roots. It is a science-based approach to preventing and treating diabetes focused on diet and lifestyle changes.

In comparison, the Conventional approach is WHAT is wrong and addresses THE WHAT only.

- Is Type 2 diabetes the result of incorrect diet only, or are there many more lifestyle factors at play behind the scene having a significant detrimental effect?

- The high costs and health side-effects of longtime allopathic medicine use?

- How easy is it to reverse it with a lifestyle approach?

In this talk, Anil, a Functional Medicine Health Coach, will enable you to understand clearly, behind the scene dynamics at play, which are affecting our blood sugar levels. You will be educated, empowered, and inspired to take proactive steps best suited to you to heal yourself.

Do not deprive yourself of the joys of optimal health. "Health is your loyal companion; nurture it well today to reap the benefits tomorrow."

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