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Hey Welcome to Digital Chandu Telugu Youtube Channel.

In this video i am going to teach you everything how to setup domain and hosting and how to buy a domain and hosting.

If you're interested to learn digital marketing with digital chandu whatsappa: 8185034696.

Today Concet is:

What Is Cpanel?
Why Cpanel & what we do in it?
How to Add Domain & Sub Domain On C Panel?
How to install Wordpress On C Panel?
How To Install Theme For Wordpress?
How to Customize Wordpress Theme?

In our training I am going to teach everything Live + Implementation + Practical.

That Time You Can Easily Understand:

What Is Digital Marketing?
Why Digital Marketing?
How to do Digital Marketing?
How Digital Marketing Helps To Small Businesses?
How To Earn Money with Digital Marketing?
I will share 5 proven ways to make money with digital marketing
how to advertise your business or product or service with Digital Marketing
why is digital marketing important for small business?
how to start digital marketing for your business?

you'll learn more in this training session and end of the you people will advertise your business with your own hands.

First i will start with what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a new technology for marketing, and it helps to advertisers to advertise their products or services online with very low cost.

in this digital marketing we've so many modules.

here below are some important modules:

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Search Engine Marketing
3. Social Media Optimization
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Google Ads
6. Affiliate Marketing
7. Content Marketing
8. Lead Generation
9. Google Analytics
10. Google Search Console

and more...

hey if you want to know about modules you must watch a full video which I shared with you above.

in the above video, i answered some questions:

a) Why Digital Marketing
b) How to do Digital Marketing For a Business
c) How Digital Marketing Helps Small Business
d) Why Student Learn Digital Marketing
e) How To Earn Money Through Digital Marketing
f) 6 Step Process to Understand Digital Marketing Very Easily

whatever questions i have mentioned above, everything i explained with live examples in above video.

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