DIY 12 Volt Battery Using Old Laptop Batteries 18650

What is a Battery Management System?
Battery management system (BMS) is technology dedicated to the oversight of a battery pack, which is an assembly of battery cells, electrically organized in a row x column matrix configuration to enable delivery of targeted range of voltage and current for a duration of time against expected load scenarios. The oversight that a BMS provides usually includes:

Monitoring the battery
Providing battery protection
Estimating the battery’s operational state
Continually optimizing battery performance
Reporting operational status to external devices
Here, the term “battery” implies the entire pack; however, the monitoring and control functions are specifically applied to individual cells, or groups of cells called modules in the overall battery pack assembly. Lithium-ion rechargeable cells have the highest energy density and are the standard choice for battery packs for many consumer products, from laptops to electric vehicles. While they perform superbly, they can be rather unforgiving if operated outside a generally tight safe operating area (SOA), with outcomes ranging from compromising the battery performance to outright dangerous consequences. The BMS certainly has a challenging job description, and its overall complexity and oversight outreach may span many disciplines such as electrical, digital, control, thermal, and hydraulic.

3S 10A 11.1V 12.6V 18650 Li-Po Li-Ion Lithium BMS

1. Overcharge detection voltage(VCU): 4.275±0.05V

2. Overcharge detection delay time: 1.0±0.5m S

3. Overcharge release voltage: 4.075±0.05V

4. Under-discharge detection voltage(VDD): 2.30±0.10V

5. Under-discharge detection delay time: 1.0±0.5 mS

6. 3.6 Under-discharge release voltage: 2.70±0.1V

7. Excess current threshold (IEC): 10A-18A

8. Maximum Continuous Current: 5-6A

9. Short detection delay time: MAX.18mS

10. Supply current (V cell=3.5V): MAX.10μA

11. Standby current (V cell=1.8v): MAX. 1uA

12. PCB total resister: MAX. 55mΩ
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