DIY Passive Radiator Subwoofer BUILD - by SoundBlab

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This Subwoofer with Passive Radiators was designed around the Tang Band W6-1139SIF 6.5inch subwoofer driver and Dayton Audio 8inch passive radiators. The goal was to have a small but powerful subwoofer that is ideal to match with a smaller set of stereo speakers for Hi-Fi or near-field studio use.

BUILD PLAN: https://soundblab.net/product/passive-radiator-6-5inch-subwoofer-build-plan/

- Speaker wire (14 AWG) - (US) https://bit.ly/2BuKbLc , (EU) https://bit.ly/39erRI4
- Tang Band W6-1139SIF 6.5 inch Subwoofer Driver - (US) https://bit.ly/3rL4woK , (EU) https://bit.ly/3xcx4bI
- Dayton Audio DSA215-PR 8" Designer Series Aluminum Cone Passive Radiator - (US) https://bit.ly/3zoTzMv , (EU) https://bit.ly/2UVva2b
- Self-adhesive Felt or Rubber Feet - (Amazon) https://amzn.to/2XVQaXw , (EU) https://bit.ly/3kB56SL
Arylic Wireless Subwoofer Amplifier Board - (Arylic) https://bit.ly/3yeEBbo , (Amazon) https://amzn.to/3f8LyDc
- OR 1x Lepai LP210PA 2x30W + 60W 2.1 Channel Mini Plate Amplifier - (US) https://bit.ly/2VhR5jY , (EU) https://bit.ly/3xhgirU
- 24V 4.16A Power Adapter - (Arylic) https://bit.ly/2WuRBeR , (EU) https://bit.ly/2TNxB6o , (US) https://bit.ly/377DGxl

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