DLS: Nathalie Picqué - Frequency Comb Interferometry and Spectroscopy

A frequency comb is a broad spectrum of evenly spaced phase-coherent narrow laser lines. Initially invented for frequency metrology, such combs enable new approaches to interferometry. A scheme which has grown increasingly popular has been to exploit time-domain interference between frequency combs of different repetition frequency.

One of the most widespread applications has been dual-comb spectroscopy, which enables fast and accurate measurements over broad spectral bandwidths of particular relevance to molecular sensing. Accurate determination of all spectral line parameters and broadband detection in light-starved conditions become possible and, combined with nonlinear excitation of the samples, they open up new opportunities for precision spectroscopy and stringent comparisons with theories in atomic and molecular physics. Concurrently, progress towards chip-scale dual-comb spectrometers promises integrated devices for real-time sensing in analytical chemistry and biomedicine.

Recently, dual-comb digital holography, another application of frequency-comb interferometry, has been demonstrated. The combination of broad spectral bandwidth and high temporal coherence opens up novel optical diagnostics, such as precise dimensional metrology over large distances without interferometric phase ambiguity, or hyperspectral 3-dimensional imaging with high spectral resolving power.

With selected examples, Nathalie Picqué illustrates the rapidly advancing field of dual-comb interferometry.

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