Do Cheap Guitars Let You Try Things You Normally Wouldn't?

Question Index
00:00 Intro
01:50 My Marshall in a box pedals
10:59 Should Tube amps have a standby switch
14:04 What are the best sounding pickups that are only sold with the guitar?
15:16 Reviews vs Demos and why companies have to have guts to have reviews done
23:00 Issues with a glossy fretboard
26:30 Issues with a Bill Lawrence pickup?
29:40 What do I think the most comfortable guitar is?
32:15 What is the right way to install staggered locking keys?
38:46 Fixing problems with guitars and being open minded to possible solutions
41:24 Bigsby vs Strat trem vs Floyd Rose and Cadillacs
44:00 Tube amp issues and why the fix is always tubes
49:20 Leveling a fretboard and fixing a hump inlthe neck
54:19 How to not to get screwed in life by learning to diagnose problems
1:02:00 Your capo is nocking your guitar out of tune issue.
1:04:30 What tuner do I use for set ups and the truth about tuners
here some petersons
1:07:10 The PRS Torero and changing pickups in it
1:09:40 Are Ibanez necks to thin?
1:12:49 What is the most cringe worthy moment when someone touched my guitars?
1:15:27 Why cheap guitars let you try guitars you would never would.
1:18:00 Who has the better single coil size hum-bucker DiMarzio or Duncan?
1:21:10 Who makes the best feeling knobs?
1:23:39 My wife wouldn't take Ralph and I to the pot store
1:27:30 My Flying V on the wall.
1:29:00 The Marshall DSL 1, vs 20 vs JVM
1:33:53 Friedman amps is a like a drug dealer and they have a plan. So watch out. lol
1:38:20 Why can I get my electric guitars action lower than my acoustic?
1:43:57 Forums suck and they are great.
1:47:00 In a perfect world I would never work with a company
1:50:00 Wanting to share the great news of a new guitar
1:51:50 Dave Navarro and I have a White Parker. But He doesn't care. lol
1:52:14 I use to work in a Piano store and what I learned
1:52:15 Doing a 180 on your views on sounds or products
1:56:00 The best Paul Gilbert quote.
1:55:37 Thoughts on philanthropy?

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